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Eyes on A Biz


"Eyes on A Biz" is an English TV program, broadcasts every Sunday during 22.00 - 22.30 hours (Thailand local time) on ASEAN TV or MCOT Global (MCOT2) channel and in other countries mainly in Asia.

     The program composes of 3 sessions with 7 mins each;

1.Biz Overview: A tour led by our onsite M.C. that takes you to interesting events in Asia and all over the world

2.Biz Chat: A casual interview with VIP guest/s about hot business topics or it's related matters in Asia (Co hosts are Mr. Vasu Sangsingkeo and Ms. Saithip Sangsingkeaw)

3.Biz Update: An in depth interview with a business guru from all over the world about highlighted topics that effect Thailand and Asian business as a whole.

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